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Other that that i find the very idea about Carrier ships in Trek pretty lame and completely out of place.
This a thousand times But that ship has sailed, Cryptic decided that their STO universe has carriers and they are even considered the most advanced form of space warfare there is

I mean if you think about it, pretty much EVERY ship in Trek is a "carrier" as they carry 5-20 or more shuttlecraft. These shuttlecraft don't sound cool or military like starfighters do but are actually far more advanced than sub-warp "fighters" and could serve the roll of auxilliary craft well. I'd like to launch a runabout from my Galaxy or some "attack shuttles" from my Vor'Cha to distract/disable/board the enemy. But all those little starfighters never made much sense to me in a world where the starships are 360 degree shielded, armed with continously firing energy beams, tractor beams, distortion fields, warp drives etc. etc.
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