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Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
This a thousand times But that ship has sailed, Cryptic decided that their STO universe has carriers and they are even considered the most advanced form of space warfare there is

I mean if you think about it, pretty much EVERY ship in Trek is a "carrier" as they carry 5-20 or more shuttlecraft. These shuttlecraft don't sound cool or military like starfighters do but are actually far more advanced than sub-warp "fighters" and could serve the roll of auxilliary craft well. I'd like to launch a runabout from my Galaxy or some "attack shuttles" from my Vor'Cha to distract/disable/board the enemy. But all those little starfighters never made much sense to me in a world where the starships are 360 degree shielded, armed with continously firing energy beams, tractor beams, distortion fields, warp drives etc. etc.
Let's not forget that targeting systems in Star Trek are much more accurate than lets say BSG or Star Wars for example. A fighter ship will be hit, no matter how good it's pilot is.
As you said Cryptic decided to ignore this.
So we have Escorts and Carrieres dominate the Star Trek universe, pretty bizarre in my eyes.

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