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Originally Posted by staq16 View Post

And while they're at it? Put something in so that PUGgers can avoid premades if they choose. I suspect that's a big disincentive for a lot of casual PVPers.

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And make a new PvP game-mode!

(the last two are about equally likely to happen)
i fear one quote answers the other . though i also think premades are another reason for some to hop out, but that's not the topic in here . that also can appear on fvf, so one step after the other plz.

to merge fvk and fvf should not be to hard to implement and also would open the way to more modes, as virus already stated.
the seperation just no longer makes sense with rommie toys in fvf, so: plz let us all play in the same sandbox.
let my klink team up with my fed-mates who doesn't run a klink at all.

Originally Posted by staq16 View Post
Call it "Omega Force Wargames"
i like that. at least it would be much more honest than the "war" we got right now ...

edit for canon lovers: klinks fighting side-by-side with rommies against feds who are fighting side-by-side with (wait a sec) remans ^^ .... regarding this canon had been shot at least by lor i guess...

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