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07-15-2013, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
What's up Retro, you getting your Bug Ship bottom kicked in Romulan infested Kerrat?

Meh no different to fighting the cloaking klinks, you remember them, they used to go to Kerrat too. I have no problems slotting them with my Bortasq, my Scimitar or even Sir Lance A Lot, in fact the Galaxy X loves big fat Rommy ships, so big even the crappy lance can't miss.

You fly the best escort in the game, no Rommy ship can come close to the Bug, if the Bug had BC it would be an I Win button but even without it you shouldn't have any trouble slotting those pesky Romulans.

Personally I love power creep, keeps the game evolving, always having to outwit the enemy, and isn't that what happens in real life too? Side A develops a more powerful weapon, Side B most counter it with an even more powerful weapon and so on to keep the balance of power.

Sacrifice one of your rear turrets for some tractor mines and put them on Auto then fly around like a nutter dumping them, you'll soon decloak the buggers and then you can let the JHAS have it's fun!
yea matt but my brel paid a price for having a battle cloak what price do the rommys pay? and don't give me power level crap cos with leech and the warp cores power levels are no problem for any ship, doesn't for galaxy x have a cloak too?