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First of all, sorry OP this might be slightly off topic but I just had to reply on these:

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Cryptic tried for years to get Feds to roll KDF alts, they gave the KDF better Dil generation, contraband coming out of their ears, and better toy consoles and all unique playstyles (KDF had gorn sci vessels years ago), and all that happened was that feds made KDF farmers.

The KDF players should play KDF because they want to, not because they were coerced into it. It hasn't worked and its not going to work in the future.
Cryptic tried to coerce people to play KDF, but went abut it the wrong way. If you shove dilithium crystals in people's faces, they'll get the mining gear and start dil.farming. Especially if you shove dilithium in people's faces while the faction is locked behind 25 levels of Fed. play, with only a handfull of unique missions and all the others being Fed. copy-paste content and one ship release in a year. Ofcourse they'd be farming. And c'mon man, Gorn science vessels, seriously? It's not like Starfleet didn't have science vessels before that.

I agree and actually the KDF players do play the KDF because they want to, but having some diversity between factions can't hurt and is actually a good thing. A part of playing a certain faction is having access to different toys and different playstyle than the other factions. What would be the point of rolling an alt in another faction if everyone's got exactly the same? It's not like people are anxious to do the rep. grind over and over again.

Now, with LoR we've seen some rays of golden sunlight falling on the KDF and was definitely a good move by Cryptic, but then being told to wait for season 10 for any more ships with the exception of 1 later this year is discouraging. Now, I personally don't mind that much cause I love my KDF ships and make them work, so I'm more interested in actual content to use those ships in, but is disheartening nevertheless.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I never got whats so great about playing a Carrier. I use the Vesta with one Character and the Dominion Escort Carrier with another, but i can't find anything special about having some tiny pets swarming around and shooting at your enemy. Which is actually the fun part, according to Cryptics devs/escort fanboys.
So it's almost like watching other people play the game. Maybe it's the same phenomena which makes all the "let's play .... " videos on youtube so successful, i don't know.

Other that that i find the very idea about Carrier ships in Trek pretty lame and completely out of place.
Once again, yreodred nails it! My sentiments exactly!

Now, all of that said, back to the topic discussed here. Regardless of my feelings towards carriers in Star Trek in general, they are a part of STO and here to stay. It's a bit silly, because in Trek a fighter would become space dust in the first km after it launches, but it is what it is now.
When I said that there should be faction diversity earlier in this post, I didn't mean the carriers. They offer a very different playstyle from anything else in the game and there is obviously a vast interest in them amongst the playerbase, so they should be accessible.

Now, concretely on your idea OP: I do see what you're going after, but I think your assumption of it making money is wrong. By observing the STO's playerbase on the forums I came to the conclusion that something with turn rate so slow would be imidiately nicknamed a "planet" or a "blue whale", ridiculed and set on fire to burn. People won't buy it, at least not in the numbers that you expect for it to be profitable. Having all turret setup won't help either, cause STO players as of late are all about spike damage and "gimme 5 fore weanon make it 6 Cryptic!" or "pew pew pwnz" and I seriously doubt that many of them would accept flying the slowest of slow ships with a lot of inertia limited to use of turrets. And half of those who do buy it, cause it looks big or powerfull (I'm imagining the Jupiter in my head now) will start howling a week later for "DHC that can be mounted broadside" or "beams with 360 degree firing arc" or how weak the ship is, etc.

In conclusion, I don't have anything against it, but I don't think it will sell. And since that (unfortuanately) seems to be the primary if not only strategy Cryptic applies in creating stuff for STO, I'm afraid we won't see it happen. I can see the niche type of play something like this could provide and a number of niche players like yourself I assume who'd have fun using something like this. My only issue with it is that Federation starships use beams and I'm really fed up with every ship having pew-pew cannons lately, I'd rather this having special 360 degree arc beams with lower damage output to match the turrets instead of actual turrets, so it would look more apropriate.
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