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07-15-2013, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by retrosrages View Post
lol yea its the same guy, I did use alpha strikes yes but if I was decloaked by someone I was plain and simple dead with 29k hull and 6k shields I have no where near as much tankability as the rommy bop
Meh you could have, but you put everything into the alpha, not everything is needed for the alpha, follow Zirac's example, Alpha and GTFO asap, EmptE, evasive, deuterium and possibly even the impulse capacitance cell, with that lot you can be 40 clicks away in seconds.

Yes the Galaxy has a cloak but as you know it's not a battle cloak so once decloaked I'm on my own and I use some of those GTFO methods quite successfully. another 20K in hull makes little difference tbh, the power of 4 or 5 DHCs will eat through that extra hull on full buffs in less than 1 second, it's getting away from the fight that is key to winning it.