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07-15-2013, 04:50 AM
For those who mention the 'near limitless flexibility' of the KDF BoP. . .I would like to point out that the low hull and shield mod of the ship makes it very difficult to fill a traditional sci role. At best a BoP can be an offensive-sci support ship, slowing enemies down and disabling them. . .but it can't handle sustained fire against good enemies. I've tried it with a hit-and-run build. . .even with TT1 + EPtS1 + speed tanking on, the damned bleedthrough from concentrated weapon fire (if it doesn't overload the TT) will kill you. I've been on the business end of alphastrikes from escorts that slice gouges out of my shields before the TT reacts.

The two basic roles that the KDF BoP can realistically fill in PvP, in my experience, are the infamous hit-and-run ambushes (a role I proudly follow in places like Ker'rat, etc) and the sci role I mentioned above. Other roles require the ability to withstand fire and keep doing your job, and that's not something easily accomplished in a BoP, not without sacrificing valuable boffslots to defensive abilities compensating for the low hull and shield mod. OR, they're roles that can be filled by other KDF ships.

The defensive gap is somewhat smaller now with the Fleet BoPs, which have a .92 shield mod as opposed to the terrible, abysmal .8 shield mod the free Hegh'ta (previously the only hit-and-run option we had before the Fleet system) had. . .but it's still running very light compared to any science/science-heavy vessel.