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07-15-2013, 10:08 AM
There I was...

Just a little while ago in a CSN.

Pugged in and said 'HI' as usual.

No response.

I flew over to the right and started on the nodes.

All 4 of the others went to the Kang.

All 4 had damages.

I killed what I could at cube 1 and was watching as the other ships went Boom, Boom, Boom and Boom.

All 4 died from a couple BOPS that got through.

I flew to the Kang, killed the BOPS, and sent it a heal.

The other 4 came right back to the Kang and sat.

I typed, 'Any of you guys know how to use your heals?'

No response.

And again I watched them all go Boom, Boom, Boom, and Boom.

Somebody typed, 'They're too strong for me, I'm outa here'.

The other three followed him.

Now I sat there by myself and waited to see if anyone else would pug in.

I saw one pug in but he bailed right away.

I killed what I could and just bailed.

I probably could have done it by myself but had stuff to do.

Oh Well....