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Originally Posted by revlot View Post
My position is that every ship that dies in battle has a chance to release loot drops. Be it friendly or enemy, they are all ships and subject to death and loot drops.

Just as PvE lets the player pick up the drop, EvP should have the enemy pick up the loot. How often could an enemy ship have instant use of a shield charge? Perhaps in EVERY battle? What a problem for your surviving team mates when you die and your killer picks up a shield battery, rebuilds its shields, and then proceeds to inflict more damage on the surviving team members while you wait out your re-spawn timer.
EvP? Well first off, it'd be very unfair to the human players as the AI will instantly pick up loot dropped from you the instant you died, so you wouldn't be able to see the drop or if you did would only spawn for seconds at most. Secondly, have you seen the AI lately? What use is a Shield battery to a Borg Cube? You'd just make it harder for already incompetent pugs to kill it. I for one would much prefer to win my STFs with optional intact.
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