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07-16-2013, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
A TOS movie interior for the Connie and Excelsior would be nice with NPCs wearing the uniforms would be perfect.
I have to agree with everybody before me. As a proud owner of the Lakota-refitted Excelsior and constant bearer of this uniform I could pretty much imagine a "past-TMP", "TWoK" or "Starfleet's Golden Era" package with all the above mentioned uniform modifiers and bridges.

Originally Posted by trinitycompleted View Post
And don't forget the enlisted/NCO uniforms, the engineering radiation suits, the admiral gold braid, and the left sleeve rank insignia, pips and squeaks.

There's so many fascinating pieces and details to this uniform; perhaps that's why it's so iconic.
That's it, that's why it is.
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