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I doubt it ..can you imagine the uproar that would happen if the best selling class of ships got a nerf? Cryptics not stupid, they would never kill the golden goose as it'd sound like escorteers were 'losing' it - it'd be on the same magnitude as if they woke up one morning to find dhcs had been nerfed :p
Scaling +Def wouldn't be in the same ballpark as what Geko wanted to do with DHCs...and the uproar that ensued.

Besides, they already changed EM to work in that fashion... would be a logical step for them to take. Much of +Def works that way. The scaling +45% based on speed up to 24 impulse, the +10% Escort only if moving, the 2pc Aegis +5% only if moving, the APO +Def is based on that scaling +45% (a .45/.55 modifier applied to the tooltip bonus dependent on speed/Escort)...etc, etc, etc.

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I was surprised though to find out kdf bops do not get the bonus defence yet romulan bops have it...
KDF BoPs do.

Rom Warbirds don't.
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