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07-16-2013, 06:17 AM
I dunno where OP is coming from. My Rommie gets popped plenty quick in Ker'rat when I am stupid enough to hang around for concentrated fire or make a mistake. A lot of rommie ships are actually squishier than most fed ships. And yes, I will give you that lower power level crap, since the lower power levels DO affect gameplay. You almost NEED those power boosting leech consoles, which then take up a console slot you could use for something else... a console slot which is available for KDF and fed players... hm...

Also, I pop rommies easy in Ker'rat, WITH my rommie... and my fed... and of course my klingon... so no, they aren't as OP as you think. And yes, I know, Ker'rat is where the dregs go (or the bored good players, it's surprisingly easy to tell them apart... who spends most of their time dead, and who spends most of their time slaughtering). Even in PvP queues, Rommies don't rule the roost. Good teams that coordinate well and use STRATEGY always win. That's how it's always been.

However... a good rommie player in a T'varo, Dhelan, Ha'feh, or Scimitar is a very VERY dangerous opponent. I have seen Rommie alpha strikes that were so nasty that it left me wondering where that torpedo someone beamed into my team mate's warp core came from. I have seen a full 5 man alpha strike that wiped out an entire opposing team in one pass. I have also seen 5 man alphas on one target that failed miserably and resulted in the entire team getting killed. I have seen one man alphas that left me wondering if my shields were even dented. I won't argue that Romulan ships can be devastatingly effective, but they aren't overpowered, and are relatively easy to fail with.

It's all about knowledge of the game mechanics and of your ship... and also of your target, because imagine if you know your own ship well... that's great. But imagine if you had that... and you also know your target's ship as well... that's just plain cruel... hehehehe
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