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07-16-2013, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
The last I heard, PvP improvements were being tacked in with overall endgame improvements - so that it wasn't so much about PvP improvements, as much as just touching up endgame. Of course, lol - with it having gone from PvP to PvP/'s not hard to imagine the next step would be PvP/Endgame to Endgame where the PvP is forgotten about again.
damn u .... couldn't u just may have told that with a bit more sense for sensivity? ...
as it is, referring to the declined participation of dstahl on this topic (he seemed to be quite talkable when bootcamp started), i fear ur right in this ....

so (dahell), until anything may changes for pvp, don't let klink-pvp left behind fed-side. embrass the challenge it gives.

(sometimes i even wish they won't touch it at all. likely at least the first time after something is done, it will not be fun for us .... more maps, merged q's and i'd probably be fine with it as "pvp-update")

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PvP improvements, since 2010 lol
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