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Originally Posted by wast33 View Post
...may they cleanse endgame totally from anything but kerrat with.... a turret... "here ya go, enjoy our new pvp-update: the kerrat-turret-rep (from which u can obtain pakhled gear)" ^^ ..... :X.... (don't give em ideas )
Lol...they'll add Pakled DOFFs that improve the turret placed on the PvP map from the PvE map - which will in turn reduce the amount of grind needed for the Competitive PvE Reputation. It will be available for a limited time and in very rare quantities from a new DOFF pack available in the next lockbox.

edit: Just wanted to add that I was most definitely joking about that - don't work at Cryptic, do not have inside info about what they're doing or anything like that - just a joke.
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