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07-16-2013, 01:23 PM
"...starting this Thursday, July 18th, new players registering to play STO will be downloading the Arc client first before jumping in-game."

So they must download Arc first, before a new user can play STO? Correct?

From this forum thread(page two namely)'s was optional.....I'm not holding Brandon's feet to the fire on this one, because things change, and he's just the messenger....

Now if the post from today(16 July 2013)reads as plainly as it appears - now new users must download Arc first.....

Step 1) Completely Optional
Step 2) Optional for everybody pre 18 July 2013

And what's the logical conclusion I wonder?*eyeroll*......All users must start using this?...Eventually?

Edit: The above made sense in my head.....train of thought kinda thing......
Edit 2: Also went back and read the first Arc thread people are confirming the above conclusion
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