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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
There was a recent post somewhere from somebody that said they followed the Escort build and were having various issues - given the changes to STO since S7, one might see where folks could have issues.
What kind of issues?

Other than the difficulty of obtaining Borg/MACO on a new character (which is a problem that I adressed in the 'Gear' section by recommending Breen+Paratrinic) I don't really see a problem with the build.

Of course, the metagame has moved to spike builds, but is there any idiot-proof spike build? The reason why I went with 4 DHC instead of 3+Torp back when I first wrote the guide was that 4 DHCs is much easier to fly, and I think this still holds true.

Some cautionary words regarding the pvp dps-usefulness of the cruiser might be in order, but I think it's still a good cruiser build.

The primary improvements for the builds that I can think of are dual EPtX builds with doffs - but that requires not-so-cheap doffs, and therefore I probably won't do it.

A different problem is something like leech. I guess it's a really powerful console, but it is comparatively difficult to obtain for new players, and the supplies are limited. That's also the reason why I never recommended particular exchange/drop-only gear.

But maybe I should include a "Should I play PVP in STO?" section and state my opinon of the current game!?

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