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07-16-2013, 12:50 PM
I know the reasoning behind this but it most likely will not work.

If you go back to the newer days of STO you will find that the other Cryptic games were not well liked and that the only thing that originally brought customers to Cryptic was the Star Trek label slapped onto the game other than that most players won't find other games appealing.

So pretty much I'd pretty much find somewhere else to find gaming enjoyment if this is forced down on us to try to get us to play the other games that Star Trek fans like myself have no interest in.

Edit: I'm betting the major factor behind this is older PWE games, Champions, and Neverwinter probally are not meeting their mark according to PWE standards and they are hoping by investing time in "Arc" that it will bring the animals into their low player base games that no one would ever spend a dime on.

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