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Originally Posted by mancom View Post
What kind of issues?

Other than the difficulty of obtaining Borg/MACO on a new character (which is a problem that I adressed in the 'Gear' section by recommending Breen+Paratrinic) I don't really see a problem with the build.

Of course, the metagame has moved to spike builds, but is there any idiot-proof spike build? The reason why I went with 4 DHC instead of 3+Torp back when I first wrote the guide was that 4 DHCs is much easier to fly, and I think this still holds true.

Some cautionary words regarding the pvp dps-usefulness of the cruiser might be in order, but I think it's still a good cruiser build.

The primary improvements for the builds that I can think of are dual EPtX builds with doffs - but that requires not-so-cheap doffs, and therefore I probably won't do it.

A different problem is something like leech. I guess it's a really powerful console, but it is comparatively difficult to obtain for new players, and the supplies are limited. That's also the reason why I never recommended particular exchange/drop-only gear.

But maybe I should include a "Should I play PVP in STO?" section and state my opinon of the current game!?
Perhaps if we stopped assuming all newcomers to PvP are idiots, things would naturally go better for em?

Ok, idiotproof spike builds, since having a cloak its not that much different then rotating EptX abilities under your WASD/Spacebar keys. Stack 2 Beam overloads, decloak and autofire, just press spacebar and whoop there ya go. Might need a timed TB but even that isnt too hard.

There is alot more too it and there is alot more variation then the standard every 1.30m (Alpha timer) build, which has too much shortcomings even if you can make it succeed 95>% of the time.

How is plasmonic so hard to get? Cap of a F2p is 10m, i thought a plasmonic console pack was somewhere around a mil. back in the early days i obtained like 5M ec on each toon just by leveling and selling low level **** gear. Grind up a romulan and have a big chance to get a boff which is around 10M worth or more.

I dont get all this nonsense about not being able to obtain stuff, granted the Rep grind pretty much kills half of the potential players and stop before they ever really gave PvP a chance, but cmon.

Seriously, you base your writings and guides on your personal beliefs and opinions on this game, and Imo its not realistic anymore. There is no more old skool 'pressure dmg' cruiser teams as you would like, it makes no sense with 2/3 cloakers in a team or perhaps more. The old days are over.

As sad as it is true, and I like it as much as you do, this game is now all about grind, grind grind grind, massive timeinvestement to obtain your passives which help you significantly in PvP, Acc x3 weaps are still as expensive as ever and require you to increase your EC cap before you can even obtain them.

Fleet weaps are also very good, requires tons of time investement for fleet credits and dilithium, or Zen, whichever you prefer, This game is the highlight of all MMO's when it comes to Grind2win and Pay2win now.

Either accept it or its probably for the best to move on. Sounds harsh, but its the reality. And yes Hilbert, I really would wish this game was back into Season 3~ but it simply isnt. Its only going to get worse.

Imagine in 1/2 years we have 10 reputation systems to do, how would that effect newcomers? I bet the amount of people attempting to PvP and probably stop after a few weeks because they realize its futile is probably 99% then.

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