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07-16-2013, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
Also, the developers need to make sure that the RAM footprint of Arc is as small as possible.
Right now the program itself uses 45 MB ram, with the Arc Browser taking up another 117 MB on my system. If the ingame browser could be disabled I dont see it becoming a huge problem.

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Ok...I have CO, STO, and NW installed in a directory other than the default directory. I just reinstalled Arc and it didn't detect ANY of them. So if you installed the games to their regular directories on the C: drive you should theoretically be fine. If like me you keep your games installed on a different drive, don't bother with Arc unless you feel like doing a fresh install. Even trying to change the download directory didn't force Arc to detect the games I have installed.
I was able to install Arc on the same drive my games are installed on and it detected them just fine after I restarted Arc.

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As a final thought, DO NOT make Arc a requirement. There will be people who don't use this type of program, don't force them.
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If this becomes a requirement, I will no longer play STO. I do not allow this sort of thing on my computer.
I also wouldn't like to see it become mandatory in order to play STO.

I do like that Arc immediately logs you in when it opens the STO launcher.