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I heard using your ear is hax. Don't tell nobody.

Also, these mines aren't that great for PvE, so IDK why people are dragging out that tired old argument. One-crit DP tric mines let you pop a generator in one pass, I could see the source of the PvE complaint. Can you lock down the queen in HSE or something that I'm missing?

Anyway, Nukara Fromage Mines Mk XII I say.
They do 1 shot cubes in nvak/kerrat with dispersal III without using buffs. However they won't one shot spheres. So there must be something different going on with calculations there. Other then that, the damage isn't anything extra outside pvp. I do agree that they could use some toning down for pvp but personally, APO and engineering team both remove them in my experience. I think they have taken me once before I could react but I was already at 25% hull and flew into them cloaked.

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Maybe I should have just reported the post for violating the forum rules on explicit language.
No need to be that guy.

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