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07-16-2013, 03:28 PM
I did PWE's survey from the blog for my feed back. I can't recommend anyone do them, the offers for Netflix and stuff from legit companies are cool and I did have a pretty good run there for a while, but you fill out the wrong survey and almost the instant you hit submit you are carpet bombed by phone calls.

I did the car insurance survey for a quote on car insurance, at the end they asked if it was OK to call you or have partners call you for to give you other quotes, I did not check this and the survey wouldn't progress and I closed it (happened a few times where there was something like this or it asked for personal information I was not willing to give out). Almost the instance I had closed the window I started getting calls from all kinds of car insurance companies. The fact was, the page before it had asked for my number and was required for their quote, but on the next page I did not check the accept phone calls box, I should not have gotten calls. The main bulk of the call lasted for about a month and I got occasional ones after that and for the amount of harassment I had to endure and not get a single ZEN turned me off to any future ZEN offers. I also got a ton of junk mail out of that, but those went straight to the shredder and my local land fill/recycling.
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