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07-16-2013, 05:22 PM
Most Raider builds are outclassed by the same build on a T'varo. KDF only has a power benefit and slight speed. T'varo has singularity abilities(flexible escape/repair/damage options as needed), better console layout, xtra ens boff, shields, hull, another rear weapon mount. Oh yeah, it's got EBC too.

Rommy BCing Sci ship is better than anything KDF could dream about.

BCs are about even. Rommies are generally slower, but do have a BC.

The BCing pseudo Rommy destroyer (Dehlan, sp?, I think it is) is made for an aux2batt build and has more damage potential, and that's not counting the fleet version.

KDF has nice carriers.

Rommy wins consoles since they can use both faction consoles for the most part while KDF can't, iirc.

Boffs: Rommy >>> KDF.

Imo, not unexpectedly, Rommies are overall better for most playstyles.
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