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Originally Posted by mewmaster101 View Post
romulans cannot use both factions consoles, only one side of the other.

Bird of Prey's have all universal and so are just as flexible if not more so than the T'Varo and the Cruisers are better on the Klinks.

All IMO of course.
Rommies can use 2 out 3 faction consoles. KDF can't use Rommy faction consoles. (tbh they may be able to use 3, I haven't tried to buy a Fed console from lock box for a Rommy. At worse KFD rommies get KDF and Rommy unlocks)

BoPs have 1 less Boff slot, 1 less weapon slot, less shields, less hull. The uni lt com slot allows the tvaro flexibility to match most BoP builds as I mentioned before. The singularity abilities allow it hit and run more and better too.

The Rommy Cruisers are slower, but they have BC which when combined w/Rommy Boffs means more DPS. They also have singularity core abilities.

Fleet Mogai is a better version of the KDF vet ship b/c of console layout, and defensive specs (singularity core abilities).

Really power levels, carriers, and movement are all KDF have (movement only really noticeble at cruiser level), and Rommies can use plas leech and depending on ship/playstyle aux2batt.
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