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# 1 list of Daeinos bugs
07-16-2013, 07:18 PM
no visible transformations

and the lotus sorta fires out the nose, well it looked strange

also the skin in the ship store is not available in the customize window

its listed under escorts, not warbirds in the store

and thus cant use warbird universal consoles

it also has the power levels of an escort, not a warbird, base in 50 to all, yet it has a singularity core equipped, and has singularity powers. honestly, this is a balanced move when you compare the stats of this ship to the mogai, tvaro and dhlean, the vet ship looks poor compared to these ships, especially in the shield mod department.

escort defense score bonus, but only in tactical mode

its got a connie refit ship icon, and the weapons tray in the ui thinks its only 2/2 wide, thats likely related.
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