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07-16-2013, 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
So apparently Tribble is bringing out some new changes to Carriers and their Pet functionality.

Located here:

From what I can tell, The changes mostly are trying to make using the bigger more survivable Pets more useful, while also giving the smaller more fragile pets a way to accomplish more. And adding in a New UI change also seems like a nice touch.

From what I can also tell, it looks like it might make some pets even more powerful then they were before if they are fragile but can survive long enough, like Tachyon Drones and Shield Repair Drones. How ever it is more likely that these changes will be more PVE central but they were careful not to include Siphon Drones in the boost of ability unlike the other two. Which was good and smart. (Good job Cryptic!)

It is also obvious they are trying to give a reason to use multiple Carrier Pet Doffs, such as 2 Recharge Doffs and 1 + Defense Doffs so you can put one hanger on Recall while leaving the other on attack or what not and continue to spew things out. And they are also trying to discourage constant pet spaming by making them stronger. How ever we all know in PVP That is going to be highly unlikely even with Rank 5 To'Duj/Fighters.

Personally, I'll try to do some testing on these features, but I can't promise I'd be able to give much feedback since to be fair most of my focus lately has been on the romulans and the Scimitar would hardly be a fair and justified test unlike the Kar'fi or what not.
I like the theory behind this, because it discourages/stops the people who simply spam the launch button to get the best abilities that the ships come out and then just summon more so they don't have to deal with the cooldown. No more poor fighters vanishing into oblivion. If you used to do this (it was super effective with many types of fighters, especially elite scorpions and mesh weavers) it will be a big nerf to you.

Overall, other than that, and the niceness of getting to see your fighters health, I think it will not change much.