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I like the theory behind this, because it discourages/stops the people who simply spam the launch button to get the best abilities that the ships come out and then just summon more so they don't have to deal with the cooldown. No more poor fighters vanishing into oblivion. If you used to do this (it was super effective with many types of fighters, especially elite scorpions and mesh weavers) it will be a big nerf to you.

Overall, other than that, and the niceness of getting to see your fighters health, I think it will not change much.
Unfortunately it will really be a PVE mechanic. It is more or less a PVP Nerf because most pets won't last that long, and it still encourages the use of pets that are still being used in PVP. But it is neat if you can get your pets to stay out that long under the normal type of builds that are already out there for Anti Pet prevention.
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