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07-16-2013, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by reximuz View Post
Each vet Ship has a Lotus based on the default weapon type of its faction. And everything causes a lot of ranting on these forums.

She's a nice looking ship, and a bit smaller than the Valdore. I'm not a big fan of the wings that turn up, but I'm not likely to use this over my fleet mogai so its not really that big a deal.

Can't wait to see her hooked up properly with animations and all that, I have a feeling this might be a popular version of the Vet ship.
I am worried that the lack of any transformation or transformation animation will make it to holodeck, im assuming this build on tribble is going live in 2 days on thurday, and even the new carrier pet UI is broke too

One thing is for sure though, i will not be getting out of my Scimitar any time soon. I own all the fleet romulan ships and the Scimi is by far my fav.