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12-17-2009, 03:32 PM
There are loads of things I'd love to ask, but the ones I've been wondering about most recently relate to klingons and cloaking.

In almost all the Star Trek shows the ships only ever raise shields right before combat (often only after the enemy has locked weapons). One huge advantage of a cloaking device was/is therefore to be able to attack an enemy before they raise shields by surprising them. Does STO have any sort of system/mechanism in place to simulate this or should we expect players to fly around with shields at maximum all the time?

We already know that science vessels will have ways of detecting cloaked ships, but it would be great if we could get some details on how this works. Will it be similar to the shows where the crew is able to detect anomalies that might be cloaked ships, and if so will there also be other anomalies and/or sensor ghosts/glitches that give similar readouts but that aren't cloaked ships?

In several different episodes of TNG, and also in DS9, we see examples of ships using their cloaking device to de-cloak, fire off one or two shots and then rapidly re-cloak before the ship under attack is able to lock weapons on them. While I can see that this would not make for a fun pvp experience I am curious if the game attempts to model this process of acquiring a target and locking weapons. For example, if I target a ship while cloaked and start attacking (making myself visible) will the enemy have to target me, will this take time (faster with a better bridge officer skill etc), or will it be like most MMOs where, as soon as I attack, the game autotargets me back?