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07-17-2013, 03:17 AM
Originally Posted by v1ctor1st View Post
Just had TEN arena matches in a row... TEN. The pugs i was in faced off against teams with healers, teams with bug ships, teams with healers AND bug ships. All the way through those ten matches about half of the folks said that was their last pvp match, as far as they are concerned cryptic can remove pvp entirely.
So you're complaining that teams you played against had healers? Maybe people should only run Tacs? Bug ships are good escorts, but they are not necessarily the best any more with the Rommies. If you are tired of getting rolled by teams with healers, maybe you should make a healer and help keep your teammates alive or come up with a strategy that can negate the effects of healers (they do exist).

PvP is not some brainless monotonous grind like PvE. Teammates heal each other. They coordinate attacks. Strategies are constantly evolving. New teams are forming. And if you don't want to get rolled by premades you should consider teaming up with friends-- that is, afterall, how premades are formed (the shame).