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07-17-2013, 03:42 AM
I'm not a fan of the "blame the players, not the game-makers" mentality.

PvP has been driving players away for a long time. If it isn't premades, it's some new piece of equipment that is too powerful, or a new duty officer that changes everything, etc etc.

Most premade teams are pugmade (associated players who are playing together, but not in any formal sense of team makeup or strategy), but against a pug, are still very effective. People form these pugmade groups in the hopes of facing another pugmade group. Killing random pug groups isn't fun at all, provides no challenge, and holds no interest. Most pugmades want it over as quickly as possible as not to waste the puggers time, or their time (though more often than not, the pug team will go into "hide and seek" mode and drag the match out).

But the truth is, one of these skilled premade and pugmade players will completely dominate even a pug vs pug match, and people will still complain about the game not being fun so long as they're around.

Being good at PvP recently comes with loathing from casual PvP players who feel that they shouldn't have to face the good players in the first place. What makes it worse is that the rage is directed towards the better PvP players, instead of the company who has done nothing to remedy the problem.

Don't shun the premade teams, thank them. They've done more to try and keep PvP alive than Cryptic or anyone else ever has.  1347284393
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