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07-17-2013, 05:50 AM
Use Mine. I call it the Spanish Inquisition build as noone really expects it in PvP XD

Going through it - 2 TT1 for damage and shield distribution, CRF and CSV for exploiting those Aux cannons, APO for more dps and turn.

Healing is from the HE1, Fermion Console and if youre in a bit of a pickle, use the Vesta console ability to make yourself invincible. You won't be able to fire but you can heal the crap out of yourself and evasive out of dodge. Plus sci ships have better use of shields so the shield buffs should help you live as well.

CPB is there to reveal those pesky rommies and klinks, SS1 is there to give you a bit of an advantage, GW3 + CSV + APO + TT1 = ALOT of damage in a confined area to multiple targets. Doesn't necessarily mean win but used with Sensor Scan, Scattering Field, Mask Energy Signature and SNB, you'll do ALOT of damage very quickly and there's not much your opponents can really do about it.

Plus pets annoy the crap out of people XD

I find the tranny cluster good on the rear of any tac geared ship as when you're barrelling head first at an opponent blasting them to hell with your cannons, if they still live as you pass them, your BTCP launches at point blank, instantly deploying and detonating.

Power Levels I keep at 25 Weapon, 75 Shield, 25 Engine, 100 Aux, but with skills, the MACO stuff, the Fleet Warp Core, and the Nukara T4 buff, it roughly means about 70-75 Weapon, 100 Shield, 65-70 Engine and 130 Aux.

I find it a fun ship to take into PvP XD

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