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07-17-2013, 06:50 AM
I've completed something like 70-80ish of these offers...

Ones that work
Watch said video and receive 3 Zen

Ones that don't work
Almost all of the survey ones that offer ~50+ zen for free

It annoys me that peanut labs don't pay out even though you complete the survey
(which can take up to 20 minutes despite in some occasions they say 5 minutes)

when you report a non payment or a bad link you either
get a snotty reply about you failing to click the right link...
(like i'm a R****d and all i do is bang my head against the keyboard... actually that may be true)
Or they say that their records show no transaction from you to that link.

i can honestly say 95% of them haven't paid out and that's just out of order.
i'm glad i started a "Dustbin" email address for these because the amount of spam you receive after completing 1, is beyond insane.

my over all impression is if you don't mind watching the videos its worth it, but stay away from the surveys... just pointless! (literally)