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Originally Posted by rck01 View Post
About to respec my Tac officer character and I need advice on my skill tree selections. Here's what I have so far:

Note: I fly mostly my FAHC (i.e. the "Fleet Excelsior") and I'm running an aux2bat configuration. Want to maximize both DPS output and tanking ability. So far I'm holding my own, but I know I can do better in ESTFs, etc. Royally borked my last respec attempt, so this time I'm trying for more balance. Comments and opinions appreciated. I don't want to waste another token on a bunch of bad choices.

A few quick tips:

A2B builds benefit from greater AUX power levels. Even popping a device battery (AUX) can help improve gains to other subsystems. You have no points in AUX power performance where I think you should gun for 3 but not more than 6.

Starship Targeting is arguably the most important ship skill in the game for any captain. NEVER take less than 9. It?s simply too valuable for putting DPS on target and boosting Crit % and severity.

As a TAC capitan, NEVER take less than 9 in weapon proficiency or combat specialist on the ground. See the description of those skills? They are crucial to succeeding in your DPS role.

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