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07-17-2013, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by wildchild8 View Post
lols i remember this one... was good fun! we had you hook line and sinker at the start though! (pretended we where all noobs... ) oh we did chuckle... but good sport and sure now you're in dps11k with us! whoop!

PESTF is watched by DPS5k and DPS11k, guys from these DPS channels regularly host games on PESTF and I myself actively recruit by running DPS test runs for DPS5k invites as of recent so its nice to know we have solid guys on PESTF and over time id like to be able to get more guys pumping out them big DPS numbers on channel.

Good story though!
Yea you had me good, I didn't even know where to go with the way ya'll were talking. Just took the center which probably improved my numbers a bit. Glad to be a member of the DPS- channels and avoiding all the complaints in this thread and setting new best personal times, etc.