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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Thing is, Hull Damage Resistance doesn't work like Shield Damage Reduction.

On one of my guys, his base DR is 27.0%.

Following info from STOwiki:

Can easily see how he got to the 27.0%...

Threat Control 3: +5.4 DRR
Hull Plating 6: +12.6 DRR
Accolades: +2.0 DRR
Neut Mk XI: +17.5 DRR
+37.5 DRM...DR=(3*(0.25-(75/(150+DRM))^2))...27.0% DR

APO3 adds +35.5 DRM...our expected new DR would be: 41.06%
It displays 41.1%

AtS1 adds +16.4 DRM...popping that with the APO3 up, would expect 45.556% - which I'd have rounded to 45.6% but the system rounds to 45.5%.

The buffs are adding DRM/DRR - they're not percentages like the shield stuff. The buffs being added don't calculate like SDR does. It's not a case of calculating the DR from the 35.5 DRM and then working through the shield formula. It's just adding the DRR to the DRM and then calculating the new DR.
The above is how I thought damage resistance buffs and debuffs worked. That's why adjudicatorhawk's post confused me. Why is the disruptor proc being treated differently? If I remember correctly, the tooltip said it gave -10 to damage resistance rating. If the disruptor proc now functions like a -10% damage resistance debuff (that is, it works like shield debuffs now), then the tooltip is no longer correct.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
We know from what Hawk said, that the Disrupt 10% is resisted by the DR. So with that 27% guy, his DR would drop to 19.7%.

.197 = (3*(0.25-(75/(150+DRM))^2))
0.06566666666666666666666666666667 = (0.25-(75/(150+DRM))^2)
(75/(150+DRM))^2 = 0.18433333333333333333333333333333
75/(150+DRM) = 0.42934057964899303626287485420243
174.68649262391217569465975080569 = 150 + DRM
24.686492623912175694659750805694 = DRM

+35.5 from APO3, would result in a DR of ~36.8%

That's if the APO3 was applied after the Disrupt was applied to the base.
I doubt the game backwards calculates like this from damage resistance percentage to damage resistance rating. Your following conjecture is more likely.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
41.06%, ~35.2%% would be what it would be if it were applied to the base + APO3.

So a case of figuring that it doing the recalc after buffs were applied (wore off) being more likely, but just wanting to make sure.
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
But the other part was regarding other debuffs...which gets a little complicated, eh?

APB/APD apply a -DRR modifier. So does the Mega Torp.

So for the most part, do those just plug into the overall DRM calc to determine DR and then the Disrupt proc is applied as a final mod - being recalculated as all of that changes?
I can't quite tell from what you wrote. Are you saying that you've tested APO, APB, and APD, and that they all just subtract from damage resistance rating? And the disruptor proc works just like adjudicatorhawk said, applying after the final damage resistance rating is converted to a damage resistance percentage?

What is this Mega Torp that decreases damage resistance rating?

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Doesn't matter if the DRM goes negative...

If we look at the formula: NDR = ODR - (10 - (ODR * 0.1) ex: 40 - (10 - (40 * 0.1) = 34%

So going back to the guy from above. 27 - (10 - (27 * 0.1) = 19.7%

But let's apply a -47.1 DRR debuff from shooting at somebody sporting APD3.

37.5 + (-47.1) = -9.6 DRM = -10.6% DR
-10.6 - (10 - (-10.6 * 0.1) = -21.66% DR

Say we apply that 100 damage...
100 * 1.106 = 110.6
100 * 1.2166 = 121.66

The Disrupt proc is still adding 10% damage.

So again, just making sure that the Disrupt proc was a final modifier...

((BaseDRM + (+BuffsDRR) + (-BuffsDRR))converted to DR - Disrupt = new DR

That it's recalculated like that each time a buff/debuff is added/wears off...

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