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08-10-2008, 04:58 PM
Thoughts on the August 10 Webcast:

1. Leonard Nimoy - Way cool!

2. Mr. Emmert did a nice job laying out Cryptic's vision for Star Trek Online. It sounded pretty exciting.

3. I worried a little bit about Mr. Emmert's comments that Cryptic could turn the game out quickly. I think all of us want an "A" gaming title here, and "quickly" can be equated with 'rushed" or "low budget". I'd be interested in seeing more from Cryptic on what this really means. If it means that every planet we beam down to is an instance that is very similar to the last one (aka much of early COH), then I'd be concerned. I'm hoping that exploration means...well, exploration, that we find new things, not repeated things. New things means it will take time for development, which is the opposite of 'quickly'.

4. The game video looked great. Nice ships, reasonably detail, nice spacial features in space. Wondered a little bit about the sharpness of the away team and related planetary graphics on missions.

5. Bridge crew was 'pet's probably comes as a surprise to many, but this makes sense to me. I remember playing older trek games where the player could select crew for away missions, and if this is much like that STO will be paying homage to both the series and older games. I like it because it is a good way to build loyalty / interest in one's bridge crew.

4. The questions asked by the audience were right on the mark and went to key game play features, with almost no stupidity. They had to be staged to be that good