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The chain knockback is something that most ground pvpers think is broken. There is no resistance from getting knocked down. There are a few small amount of people using it. Usually there is just one or 2 a night using it and when they do it is away from their team and they are easy pickings. Its still annoying, but in order to fix certain things in ground pvp... I think its going to take a major wipe and engine change on it.

I would say a good 50% of the time...its one or 2 people on a team that cause issues. Example one person on the team running into a group of 5 trying to uncloak and getting killed repeatly and they still do not listen or change strategy. I beam when I see this...its no fun trying to keep the same person alive or spending the whole match in team chat saying STOP.
Actually everybody is using it, but mostly Tacts. When someone uses Lunge + Secondary Fire of a Shotgung on you, they're using it.

You are on the floor unable to do something because of the Lunge and immediately you receive a second knockback and you're on the floor again. In the past, an experimented Sci could tank and run away from 3, maybe 4 people, now you can't tank more than 2, because of the Knockback issue, you're on the floor unable to heal yourself and then you're dead.

The whole Knockback issue didn't exist before Season 7, so assuming that an Engine change could fix it's wrong. Someday we will see a fix.

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Well, looks like some good stuff coming up. As I saw on tribble, plenty of changes.

In particular this caught my eye:

Orbital Strike: Fixed a bug that would prevent this power's reticule effect from playing for Federation and Federation allied Romulan characters.
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