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07-17-2013, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by kpg1usa View Post
Go form a private team for your Nukara mission. It is inappropriate to complain about the public mission which is open to all people. There are tons of real life reasons why someone may appear AFK, including using the restroom or being told by mommy to take the garbage out NOW! The Nukara missions are difficult and many people give up quickly, rightly so. Go form a private mission and stop complaining about free stuff.
Yes, but those same one's being told by mommy to take out the trash NOW, won't be clicking "Need" on every loot roll.
And btw, ppl have a right to ***** about jackass afk'ers, leeching off the efforts of others. Let me guess, you're one of them and that's why you're defending this? "DOH!!!!"

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