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Originally Posted by captainobvious09 View Post
I am a Tac, 5 tac console Scimitar version, my other ship is a fleet Dehlan. I do not and will not run the consoles that came with ship they are garbage, even if they did not bug the ship, I still would not run them. I tried cannons and dual beams early on, but did not like the feel of the ship, she works much better with arrays. She can turn fine, but the inertia is hard to overcome for cannons.
Your choice on not running the Scimitar consoles, but that's kind of foolish. The shield-while-cloaked console is actually pretty nice, and while the other two are arent all that great, choosing another for the two piece bonus (more turn rate plus keeping your turn rate boost after decloaking) makes it worth while. Though you do have to change your play style a bit to make use of it, essentially abusing your battle cloak (which comes with no disadvantage thanks to the console) for ambush damage+good turn rate. Stick a Reman BOff on it for Infiltrator to make the ambush effect last longer will help, as well as many Romulan BOffs with their nice ability. Stick those consoles in the science slots, those are fairly useless anyway :-)

The inertia does take time to get used to, but its possible to get around it and make use of it. I run cannons perfectly fine, though admittedly do have issues with JHAS and other extreme speed ships... usually end up cloaking on those and repositioning myself a lot...