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07-17-2013, 08:01 PM
Romulan space set looks are barely noticable on a KDF ship (they already have a slight green to them). Unlike the Reman shields hte Romulan shields are much more subtle. The stats differences are + to att pattern skill for Romulan engine, in place of + manuvers on the reman engine? (not quite sure, I'd have to check and I'm kinda lazy right now). I tried out the romulan set on a KDf toon before LoR and was massively disappointed. Plasma torps are still slow and the capacitance HP didn't seem to do much. Admittedly its hard to figure out the exact numbers in the middle of being shot at. KHG, MACO and OMEGA are just so much better. However, if you like the Reman set well then be my guest and pay more dil for almost the same thing that you already have.