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07-17-2013, 11:19 PM
I've seen AFKers who don't move, don't shoot and still roll NEED on everything.

Considering all you need to do is have a way that can endlessly macro <CTRL> & <Q> and you can suck up the loot without doing anything.

I like the idea of +1 for each action you perform. Attacking Enemies creates a +1 for each enemy you attack when they die. Talking to an NPC or interacting with an object.

Now you let the player know where they are. no reward, low reward, moderate reward & full reward.

For example in Mine Trap, you need to interact in section 1, section 2 & section 3 to get the full reward. So you can't AFK halfway through.

How about something simple. If you do nothing for 2 minutes (Not including those parts where your waiting on the countdown) you get kicked and locked out. If you press Auto-run 2 minutes later you will be kicked. Rolling on loot won't be counted.

I can not think of any situation in game where you do nothing for 2 minutes.
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