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07-18-2013, 06:14 AM
Update the color palate on the Reman variants of the Romulan Republic uniforms.
Problem. Still borked for Remans. I copied my Reman over to see if you fixed what I was hoping. For my Romulan boffs it's fixed but for my Reman captain and boff Veril, you guys must have forgot about it. I also have an alien-Rom still on the test server that I created during LoR beta after the great character wipe and it seems to be fixed for aliens also.

#1 For both versions of the Romulan Republic wrist attach left and right, the left one still has a different color palate than the right one. (on Remans)

#2 For both versions of the Romulan Republic chest gear and belt, the chest gears have a different color palate than the belts. (on Remans)

I reported this during LoR closed beta testing. It is nice to see it finally getting fixed for romulan/alien-roms. It's a start and thank you for the effort. Much appreciated.
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