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I spent 10 min spawn camping people who won't stop using these stupid mines in cap and hold this morning with my scimitar until they stopped respawning. I find it funny that people using these mines have the nerve to complain about camping, how else am I supposed to stop you from dropping OP mines all over the map. I will always spawn camp now in cap and hold and kerrat if I see these in use, if people not using the mines end up getting camped to complain to the mine user on your team. Feel free to use them and I'll feel free to spawn camp.
This is only possible because you ran into a lame team. Any team that is half decent would immediately swarm you and take you out, especially they can talk in team chat and virtually all will immediately target the spawn camper. If multiple targets had to respawn, then the web mines can't get them all. T'ommo once did web mines spawn camping in Kerrat, it can't kill everyone because the max. number of mines is 10. Furthermore, which team will be lame enough for you to take out their spawn point defenses & turrets deserve to lose. I can't recall seeing spawn camper in C&H for as long as I can remember. In Kerrat, times to times, C&H, never. Sometimes, a team will be so bad that they have been pushed back all the way to their spawn point and their defenses destroyed but no one will sit there to mine. Further to that, spawn point mechanism has been changed such that not all ships respawn near each other.

In other words, what you said can only be a greatly exaggerated threat. Spawn camping using web mines have not been terribly effective due to their number limitation at 10 mines. In addition, people can respawn much faster than you can lay those mines every 30 sec on a Scim. Clearly, your claim was greatly exaggerated mixed with some false info in it. Mixing half truth with half lies is not smart, because you will get caught one way orh the other. You are also being a hypocrite because it's hard to find anyone crying as loudly as you have been about these mines yet you carry them on top of dispersal patterns.

Meanwhile, I have just started a new build based on Klingon inspired cheats...uh, I mean "tactics". See this: Sci captain who can reach sustainable & constant 17.5K in dps for the duration of an APO3 / ambush alpha, not including expected initial burst damage of 35K of energy damage + up to 93K of kinetic damage within the first 5 seconds. Not going to tell what went into it or how, suffice to say the above number does not use either the Nukara Mines or the Cluster Torp. Don't get me wrong, they are still there - in the rear. In case, the frontal assault did not kill the target(s), the mines will then be drop and the cluster fired. You are reading these sustainable dps numbers and burst damages correctly - a Sci captain who is not only capable of ultra high dps - few escorts can break the 10K barrier, let alone going above 15K - it's a also a ship specialized in disable with all the nasty features like Viral Matrix, Subnuke, Tractor Beams, Warp Plasma. Gotta thank those Klingons in Kerrat for being such great tutors, now all the Klingons who pvp will benefit from these nasty tools...

Seeing how many crying Klingons cursing about my all-projectile build, I decided to do something drastically different. Heck, I was accused of using "gay mines" whatever that was supposed to mean. The mines had no dispersal pattern and there was only 2 of them. If someone managed to get killed by that, they suck. In reality, the said ship is already at 50% hull when trapped, so of course he died. But he has the audacity to blame it on 2 little mines calling them "gay" is just insulting.

Anyone who tries to run a DBP3 build with these mines will quickly notice what a big waste this tactic is. Even some of the best cloaked mine layers in Kerrat have very low hit rate with these mines. People adapt quickly. If you want to use these mines, don't use dispersal pattern unless you really want to waste a boff station for nothing.

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