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3. Experience *IS* given for killing (I have yet to see a target stunned in an actual combat) an opponent.
Agree with the rest of this, but there are a few missions where there's "set phasers to stun" as part of the dialog. From where, we're supposed to believe that when they flop over they're just stunned.

Space: Sure, there should be more diplomatic chances, but a lot of the battles are against fanatics who aren't going to be talked down: Borg, Klingons, True Way. (Tal Shiar? Maybe, if they recognize it means their skins can be saved for another day.) Maybe a phase of an enemy being disabled (and not going to recover) where the weapons turn off automatically before the ships actually blow up would do it. But then the battle would be littered with these hulls floating about.

Ground: I found the ground mechanics far more disturbing than space. On the ground, my team's phasers should rarely be set to kill. Stun them, collect them up, and trade them back.

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