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Originally Posted by tewha7 View Post
but a lot of the battles are against fanatics who aren't going to be talked down: Borg, Klingons, True Way. (Tal Shiar? Maybe, if they recognize it means their skins can be saved for another day.)
Borg granted, but all the others? What happened with the Romulan's in The Enemy? Cease fire almost lost, saved at last minute through diplomacy. In Ensigns of Command, did Picard stop the Sheliak from wiping out the colony through a lot of ground and space combat, or by finding an obscure paragraph of a treaty to create a 6 month delay?

On 'set phasers to sun', I always try to believe this but;
a) combat is still combat
b) when you blow up the enemy ship, were your phasers on stun then? Is that ship of several hundred lives going to wake up 5 minutes later in sickbay? No, and like Feds maybe there were families on board.

There are alternative ways to run game mechanics. Even games such as Dishonoured that is very violent still has an option to play through the entire game and develop your character without killing anyone. Sure you knock them out and stick them in a dumpster, but you don't have to orphan their children. Trek isn't about a string of combat scenarios, it's about peaceful, intelligent exploration, peacekeeping and characters. There needs ot be some better way to reward players who want the non-combat option and right now, that is just through the foundry but play a non-combat mission in the foundry and you miss out on a shed load of XP and loot.

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