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07-18-2013, 01:03 PM
Fair enough with the set phasers to stun.

As someone else said, why don't we take prisoners of war, and trade them back, perhaps as part of a prisoner exchange (possible mission here? Maybe I'll get to work in the foundry )

For ship to ship combat, well, a completely "destroyed" ship doesnt need to explode, either, except for game mechanics It could be adrift with no power, life support, or possibility of repair, and players could have the option to save the enemy crew (again, this may or may not always be possible, feasible, or even a good idea, but hey, that's for a captain to decide, right?)

I guess my take is that while we may or may not agree that deadly force is always necessary, the player should have the option to decide, and to act accordingly.

One idea could be, and this would require mechanics changes, that the player could set a level, such as stun, kill, or maximum, and have things occur accordingly? Perhaps, with different mission progress points, as the outcome, storywise, is predetermined.