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07-18-2013, 01:33 PM
City of Heroes had the same problem, enemies were merely "defeated" instead of killed because you were the good guys. Even though a purse snatching thug might have been incinerated to a near crisp, had his arms hacked off by a katana, punched square in the face by a fist the size of a small car and had his soul sucked out and destroyed for good measure, he was still "defeated." It became a running joke in the end.

Frankly I could easily see my KDF officer killing on a whim. The Fed officer it is harder since the ship likely has civilians on-board, Starfleet morals and the peaceful nature of the Caitian race, but that's still a ship with a ton of people aboard that just blew up. Maybe some got to escape pods? Then I blow up, respawn and meh, doesn't matter.
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