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07-18-2013, 02:18 PM
So you're saying you should get XP points to put into your combat abilities, even if you don't practice your combat abilities? You should get new weapons for your ship, but not have to actually use the ones you start with (thereby proving to your superiors you actually know what you're doing and can be trusted with a better weapon)?

There are ways to progress in the game without killing. Commendation ranks are very easy to obtain, with very little killing. (You'll have to complete a story mission or two before you get to lv7 and get your doffs.) Once you have your doffs, you can then focus solely on commendation ranks, and ignore combat all-together. Talk to the diplomacy corps guy in the admiral's office, and go on exploratory missions. Come across a planet/engagement that requires combat? Get out of red alert, warp out of system, and go look for another encounter that isn't hostile.

The fact is, you CAN avoid combat. Is it faster to just kill someone else and take their stuff? Duh, that's obvious. Will you feel more fulfilled for reaching Vice Admiral by scanning anomalies and meeting new races? That's determined on an individual basis.

The game does provide for both methods of play. You cant really complain that the developers aren't forcing the players to choose which path to take, because that wouldn't be much of a game.