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07-18-2013, 04:09 PM
I almost fell from my chair from laughter just now

CSE, not a DPS team, I'm in my Fleet Recon, and this is the conversation so to say with the captain of the Ha'feh:

Aurelius@: Someone, kill that cube!!!

(he's on low health and I went to give him a heal after his and another teammate's best efforts in the last five minutes)

Saty@satanailofhwbg: I would have obliterated that cube in 5 seconds with your Ha'feh

Aurelius@: damn 4 members of my fleet need 4 minutes for this **** (shaite - got censored)

Saty@: I see that you're a spectator there too

Saty@: and I'm in a damn science vessel

Hilarious....I need more of those

Btw, I do have a Ha'feh and a Fleet Ha'feh and I'm fully aware of the potential of the ship in question. (it's a monster if I may say so)

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