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07-18-2013, 04:47 PM
Do like the Addition of the combadges gives the Romulan unifor finaly some finishing touches.

In regards to the Lifetime Combadge i hope the FED/KDF one is just a placeholder until we get a Republic Combadge, forcing us to either join FED or KDF was bad enough but i rather stay proud to wear a Republic insignia then showing of FED or KDF Colors.

And that's bring's me a question:
#1 Any eta when can expect Fleet Emblems to Show on Warbirds?
#2 Are there any plans to add Advanced and Elite Romulan armamend to Fleet Stores?
#3 With Taskforce Omega just rewarding either FED or KDF themed ground gear with phaser or disruptor damage, are there Plasma Version in development. Would love to wear a proper republic commando Armor with maybe a split beam.

Anyway love the small additions to the Romi costumes. Well appreciated that those are delivered in such a short time after LoR release.